The Winery

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At the beginning of the 20th century in Chile, a beloved winemaker fell seriously ill. His family and workers dedicated themselves to caring for him, meaning that the estate deteriorated considerably.
His daughter Helena, upon seeing how the estate was losing its charm, decided to revive each vine in the valley. With determination and passion she managed to revive its quality, and once her father recovered he decided to name his wines Santa Helena, in honor of his daughter.
Together they finished and perfected their oenological work, whose legacy has remained in place until today.


Viña Santa Helena was founded in 1942 and boasts over 75 years of history. The winery is located in the Central Valley, the most emblematic valley in Chile.
The quality of a wine begins in the vineyard, and for this reason, our attention and energy are focused first on the land -ensuring sustainable practices across all our agricultural processes. The Central Valley has optimal natural conditions of climate and soil, providing perfect fertility for high-quality wine production, which is reflected in our various ranges.

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